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Missisystems Canada Inc.



Missisystems Canada Inc. is an independent company staffed by international trade experts. We export, import, and engage in third country trading of goods and services produced by other companies.

Missisystems Canada Inc. is proud of its track record and continues to grow through establishing relationships with more manufacturers and clients in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and CIS.

The success of the company is derived from the attention to detail and the ability to respond rapidly and efficiently to client’s requests and needs. The teams of specialists are there to respond quickly to any requirement, bringing with them vast industry knowledge and expertise. The company’s links with manufacturers, shipping agents and freight forwarders ensure rapid negotiation, procurement and transportation.

Missisystem's services can be broadly classified under the following categories:

   Procurement wherein a client decides on the equipment, spares or supplies 

  •         and/or the manufacturer, and Missisystems uses its resources to procure and 
            deliver to the client’s location,

  •    Outsourcing, wherein a client outsource their purchase of equipment to 
            Missisystems, for hard to get or obsolete equipment.

  •    Consultancy wherein Missisystems analyzes the client requirements and 
            suggests the specific equipment, spares or supplies to be procured. On 
            agreement and validation, then undertakes the procurement process for the 

  •    Missisystems also undertakes Turnkey assignments in association with its 
            Solutions Associates.

    A key aspect of the company’s success is a database of suppliers and equipment built over the years. At times, where original manufacturer’s spares are no longer available we can often supply suitable replacements.

    Although we are proud of our full line of products... customers are our greatest asset. Our strength lies in the technical competence, professional expertise and the experience of our people and our associates.

    Our Culture 

    At Missisystems Canada Inc., we believe that our company’s culture is critical to our success. We value outstanding performance in all the disciplines we practice. To achieve that performance, we rely on openness, honesty and teamwork.

    While many companies claim similar cultural aim, we put them into practice. It’s something you can not read about, you have to experience. And while performance is critical, we know that the best way to achieve it is not by running ourselves into the ground.

    That’s not to say that people here are not tempted to stay at work for long hours. We enjoy our work and our co-workers, making the commitment to our careers both enjoyable and productive. At Missisystems, we strive to keep our customers satisfied with our services and their satisfaction being our prime importance.

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