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ASTM A53 Seamless Steel Pipe


ASTM A53 Seamless Steel Pipe

ASTM A53 Seamless Steel Pipe

ASTM A 53 covers seamless and welded steel pipe with nominal wall thickness. The surface condition is usually black and hot-dipped galvanized. ASTM A 53 is produced mainly for pressure and mechanical applications, and is also used for transport of steam, water, gas line pipes.

ASME SA 53 Seamless Pipes are Low Carbon Steel Pipes with 0.25 % carbon content with combination of 0.95 % manganese, Tiancheng Group export ASME SA 53 pipes in forms of seamless and welded black and hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe of all dimensions. it's also called mild steel pipes which are easy to produce. ASTM A53 pipes are manufactured by ASME Specification. As it belongs to low Carbon Steel, it can only increase surface hardness by carburizing. If you are interested in buying ASTM A53 or ASME SA53 carbon seamless pipe from Tiancheng, contact us now for latest price.

 ASTM A53 Mechanical property:

Seamless and ERWGrade AGrade B
Tensile Strength, min, psi  48,00060,000
Yield Strength30,00035,000

 ASTM A53 Chemical Composition(%)

Seamless and ERW   C max %Mn max %P max %S max %
Grade A0.250.950.050.045
Grade B0.301.200.050.045

 ASTM A53 Seamless Carbon Pipe Packing and Delivery:

Seamless Steel Pipe Seamless Steel Tube _Page:2" alt="ASTM A53 Seamless Pipe Packing and Delivery" class="img-responsive" src="" style="box-sizing: border-box; border: none; vertical-align: middle; display: block; max-width: 100%; height: auto; color: rgb(34, 34, 34); font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; white-space: normal;"/>

 ASTM A53 Steel Pipe Test requirements:

Seamless and ERW   Degree of Bend  Diameter of Mandrel
For normal A53 users 9012 x nom. diameter of pipe
For Close Coiling1808 x nom. diameter of pipe
Tiancheng Group supplies ASTM A53 and other steel grades tubes for high pressure and temperature applications, if you are interested in buying seamless boiler tubes from reliable steel mills, please send an email now!
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